Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

CSR Policy

The corporate social responsibility policy is an example of Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A.’s commitment to sustainability, human development and the environment. The company recognizes the responsibility of identifying, reducing and mitigating the organization’s economic, social and environmental impacts of the before its target audiences, both internal and external.
Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A. encourages its employees, local governments, private companies, communities and regulatory bodies to cooperate with this initiative, and support our efforts in this regard. Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A. is convinced of the importance of teamwork and joining efforts in order to attain common goals.

Overall Objective:

Implementation of a corporate social responsibility policy that will allow to strengthen positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts of Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A. before target audiences with an economic, social and environmental impact.

Specific Objectives

• Modernizing the corporate structure to improve information management, coordination and flow between the companies of Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A.

• Designing and implementing a program to enhance labor welfare for employees and promoting a positive cultural change in the organization.

• Promoting a transparency and communication policy towards our target audiences, including the fostering of fair operating practices and strategic social investment.

• Developing, standardizing and optimizing the environmental management model of Grupo Agroindustrial Numar S.A., with a focus on energetic efficiency, the development of a recycling program, the promotion of best environmental practices and carbon neutrality.